Do I need the internet or Wi-Fi to complete my course?

Yes, you will require a stable internet connection to complete your Legal Island course.  If you lose connection during your assessment, your score my not be registered correctly.  If your score does not register correctly unfortunately you will need to log in and begin the assessment part of the course again.

If you get a message appearing on screen to say that you have had a loss of internet connection, you should take a screenshot of the results page and send it to  Our support team will be able to ensure that your score has been recorded and a certificate will be emailed to you.      


Do I have to download software to use the Legal Island learning platform?

No, it is not necessary to download software to access this site and your courses.

What device can I use to access my course?

You can access Legal Island courses on your PC, laptop, or mobile device 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What are the minimum computer requirements needed to use the course?

Our eLearning courses have been thoroughly tested across the following modern web browsers:

  • Windows Edge (Latest version)
  • Firefox (Latest version)
  • Google Chrome (Latest version)
  • Safari (Latest version)

For the best experience and optimum security, we recommend that you keep your device browser up to date and use the latest version of Google Chrome, Windows Edge, Firefox, or Safari. Please note: 'Internet Explorer' is no longer supported and has been replaced by 'Microsoft Edge'. Your browser should also have cookies, popups and JavaScript enabled. These are typically enabled by default.

Do I need a headset or earphones?

You’ll find most of our courses include a video to watch.  If you’re in a busy office, you might want to slip on a headset to avoid interrupting your colleagues.  If you haven’t got one, you can turn the sound down and use the captions that we provide instead.

Can I complete the training if I am visually impaired?

Various versions of our courses have been tested with users with different levels of visual impairment. Please contact our support team at for further information.

Can I complete the training if I have a hearing difficulty?

Yes, any videos included in our courses have captions.

Can I zoom in to see better?

Yes, you can zoom in on your screen by pressing Ctrl and + on your keyboard.

Can I use my screen reader?

This learning platform officially supports the following screen reader / browser configurations.